Transforming Grenada through STEAM Exploration

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Our Mission: "Empowering students through engagement, interaction and support of the STEAM fields."


Grenadian STEAM was established on the basic premise that students should not have to go through important, life-altering decisions such as choosing a career path on their own. Far too many Grenadian youth simply choose the more traditional career paths because they either seem ‘safer’ or because they are unaware of the wider possibilities. We believe that greater emphasis should be placed on the STEAM fields, both to boost Grenada's economy and to help students chart their own future from an informed perspective.


As a non-profit organization, it takes the support of you, our community, to help us achieve our goals. We aim to provide mentorship, resources and opportunities for students to engage with each other and with real-life STEAM applications as they navigate their academic and professional interests.

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