Season: 1 Episode: 10a

The Real Deal - Part 1 - An open conversation with Raman Walwyn-Venugopal, Latocha Terrelonge and Dr. Drexler James

Guest: Raman Walwyn-Venugopal, Latocha Terrelonge & Drexler James

In this first season finale episode, we’re doing things a little differently.  Arlene gets comfy over Zoom with three good friends from university, and they get real about the experiences they had, from growing up in the Caribbean, to completing degrees at Illinois Tech in Chicago and moving on to the world of work, navigating new careers as International students.  This is part one of a two-part series you definitely do not want to miss! This is the REAL DEAL.

Our guests:

Raman Walwyn-Venugopal

Born and raised in Antigua, Raman is currently a software engineer and budding entrepreneur. His desire is to create solutions that serve and empower Caribbean people. During his spare time he enjoys being active outdoors and liming with friends and family.

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Latocha Terrelonge

Currently, Latocha is a tired and fed up 25-year-old who’s waiting for the aliens to come take her from Earth. But until that fateful day, she endeavors to make the best of it all. She is a lover of knowledge. She enjoys learning about everything and is the person to have on your team for a game of trivia. Her current interests include crocheting, cooking, reading and dragging the Patriarchy whenever the opportunity arises.

Latocha holds a degree in Engineering Management with a BME specialization from Illinois Tech. She currently resides in Jamaica and is taking life one day at a time.

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Dr. Drexler James, PhD

A St. Lucian native, Drexler’s interest in Psychology as a young child has led him to a career in Social Psychology. He is currently on the tenure track as an assistant professor at Denison University, where he aims to advance theories of social stigma in ways that will help reduce the persistent health disparities that exist in our society. Dr James is particularly interested in how race and stigma operate from the perspective of both the perceivers and the targets.

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We hope you enjoy the journey on today’s Pathway!

Show Notes:

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The thoughts and ideas expressed on this podcast episode are those of the host and her guests, and do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Grenadian STEAM or its members.

The thoughts and ideas expressed on this podcast episode are those of the host and her guest(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of, Grenadian STEAM or its members.

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