Season: 4 Episode: 1

Remote Work & the Web3.0 Era

Guest: Kareem P. Jackson

Today, Kareem and Arlene chat about the experiences he had navigating life, more or less blindly, as an international student before discovering the world of remote work and diving in. They also share thoughts on Blockchain, NFTs and the Web3.0 revolution.

Kareem P. Jackson is a realist, a stoic, a global citizen. A problem solver, product engineer and minimalist. An overthinker and overachiever. A Blockchain enthusiast. A curious mind, an adventurer and … we’re still on the fence about whether or not he’s human.

His experiences and interests so far in life have led him to founding Unpluggd Media Group - an outlet for his passions and curiosities, a platform to share, communicate and build with the world. Kareem believes in living to learn and sharing to grow, so through the technology vertical of UMG - Unpluggd Digital - he develops the products that serve those roles.

We hope you enjoy the journey on today’s Pathway!

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