Season: 4 Episode: 4

Holistic Patient Care & Communication

Guest: Dr. Marsha Nicholson-Ramdeen

We hear a lot about the state of healthcare in Grenada but how many of us realize how big of a role communication between patients and their healthcare providers plays in that system? On this episode, Dr. Ramdeen gets into the importance of functional care teams for a holistic response to patient health. She also gets into the story of how she built her own physiotherapy practice here in Grenada and her plans for the future of our healthcare system.

Dr. Marsha Nicholson-Ramdeen is a Grenadian-born Physiotherapist who graduated with a Doctor of Physiotherapy degree from the University of Melbourne in Australia. Her experience extends from working in Australia, Fiji, Trinidad and now Grenada, as the founder and owner of Spice Orchid Physiotherapy Services since 2017.

After completing her specialization, Dr. Ramdeen returned to Grenada where she was employed at St. George’s University as a Learning Strategist and Workshop Coordinator in the Medical School program. In this role, she offered support to students through the Department of Educational Services. She was also a certified Basic Life Support instructor in conjunction with the American Heart Association.

Since then, Dr. Ramdeen has transitioned to full-time clinical practice where she currently desires to expand her services throughout Grenada, Carriacou, and Petite Martinique.  She has a passion for community engagement and education through outreach programs as seen through her involvement in health fairs, career day presentations, and informative programs. She is currently an executive member of the Caribbean Association of Massage and Bodywork Practitioners Grenada (CAMBP) established in 2019 and is currently working towards getting Grenada registered under the World Physiotherapy Association.

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