Season: 4 Episode: 6

Mind Matters - Psychology in Grenada

Guest: Josh Hector

What do you know about mental health? Better yet, do you know what options are available to you for discussing affairs of the mind? Even though the topic is still unfortunately quite taboo in our Caribbean society, it seems that more and more people of all age groups are seeking help with how to cope mentally in different situations. On this episode, Arlene chats with a young, local therapist about his unusual journey to the career (including an extended detour as a musician) and his experiences working in the field of psychology here in Grenada.

Josh Hector is a licensed Psychologist from Grenada, and a proud Caribbean National. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in General Studies with emphasis in Guidance and Counselling from the Jamaica Theological Seminary, and a Master of Science in Counselling Psychology from the University of The West Indies, Cave Hill. He has functioned in the roles of Guidance Counsellor at Halfway-Tree Primary school in Kingston Jamaica, and  Counselling Psychologist at a Barbadian agency called PAREDOS (which stands for Parent Education For Development In Barbados); out of which he was actively involved in school and community outreach programs.

In Grenada, Josh is the Founder and Counselling Psychologist at Optimal Solutions, where he offers counselling, psychotherapy, teletherapy, workshops, seminars, and employee assistance programs. In line with his focus on self-development, Josh is currently pursuing his doctorate in Clinical Psychology at California Southern University. He is also the treasurer of the Grenada Psychological Association, and an Executive Council Member-at-Large within the Caribbean Alliance of National Psychological Associations. Being a helping professional at heart, he considers it a blessing to interact with others, and share insightful tips to practical and effective living.

We hope you enjoy the journey on today’s Pathway!

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