Season: 4 Episode: 7

Sustainability & People Management

Guest: Heather Pinnock Dadag

What does a Project Manager even do? Our guest, Heather, talks with Arlene about the multi-faceted aspects of the job, including learning how to lead diverse teams, applying SCRUM and agile methodologies to the world of construction and, in general, her journey into the world of buildings, urban planning and sustianability.

We hope you enjoy the journey on today’s Pathway!

Heather Pinnock is a Jamaican PlaceMaker and Champion of Sustainable Tropical Living. She is a development professional with formal training in Architecture, Urban Design and Project Management, as well as over 23 years of experience in construction and real estate. She is a graduate of the Bartlett Development Planning Unit at University College London and the Caribbean School of Architecture at University of Technology, Jamaica.

Heather has worked across Jamaica as well as in Saint Lucia and Trinidad and Tobago. Her experience includes working with the Ministry of Water and Housing, the University of the West Indies, the United Nations Development Programme Multi-country Office in Jamaica, and the environmental non-profit, CARIBSAVE among others. In 2021 she concluded a successful stint leading one of the Government of Jamaica’s largest implementation agencies, the Urban Development Corporation, where she championed the cause of ‘making development happen sustainably’. She was recently appointed co-chair of the Commonwealth Women in Planning network.

Heather is also a certified SCRUM Master, an EarthCheck Design Accredited Professional and a licensed realtor associate in Jamaica. Since leaving the public sector, she launched LUCEA Caribbean, a company with a focus on sustainable development and conscious living for tropical regions to further her work for an Equitable and Resilient Future.

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