Season: 3 Episode: 10

Students Speak

Guest: Corey Joseph, Shontel DaBreo, Joshua Mitchell, Joshua Andall, Makana Joseph

If you’ve been following Pathways from the start, you know we like to mix it up a bit in the finale. This time around, we’re switching the focus - we’ve been talking to the professionals, getting their reflections and advice to young students. Well today, we’re going straight to the students. What’s life like as a Gen-Z student right now, pandemic and all? What are their hopes and dreams for the future? And what do they think older generations get wrong about them? We’re getting into all of it - straight from the horse’s mouth. So take a listen, and get into the conversation too! Leave a comment on our social media posts - which student revelation was most surprising to you? Or if you’re a student, which parts do you resonate with?

We hope you enjoy the journey on today’s Pathway!

Show Notes:

Special thanks to the guests of this episode - Shontel DaBreo, Makana Joseph and Joshua Mitchell of the St. John’s Christian Secondary School and Joshua Andall and Corey Joseph of the T.A. Marryshow Community College. Deep appreciation also goes out to Ms. Angelique Lewis of St. John’s Christian Secondary School for her assistance with the episode.

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