Season: 4 Episode: 5

Money Moves: Finance, Investing & Personal Empowerment

Guest: Kristina "Krissy Commerce" Charles

Managing your finances and building wealth is something “they never taught us in school”. Well, we’re gonna talk about it here! This episode is a bit different than most, in that we aren’t focusing on our guest’s ‘career’, but instead talking about how she taught herself about investing and developed it into a side hustle. This is your reminder that STEAM isn’t just about school subjects and academic pursuits - it’s about holistic development and empowering our youth and society to shape their own future, and finances is a great place to start!

Kristina Charles is a 28 year old “corporate girl” who seeks to document her journey to financial independence through her 9-5 and education. She enjoys social media discussions on 9-5, mindset, side hustling, investing and altogether living a free life. Having grown up in Grenada in the Caribbean, she seeks to be an example and talk about all the taboo financial topics among young, aspiring adults.

We hope you enjoy the journey on today’s Pathway!

Show Notes:

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